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Don’t Trust The Mirror ON THE GO Survey


Thank you for participating in the Don’t Trust The Mirror ON THE GO feedback survey. We REALLY appreciate your input and comments. 



Don’t Trust The Mirror ON THE GO is designed to offer 24 / 7 access to therapeutic tools and input to serve as a resource for anyone with disordered eating , self-esteem and body image challenges. We are hoping that this product will be a GO TO support system on a daily basis to better support, create community and serve women for an improved daily life. There will be a large catalog (100 +) 3 – 4 minute videos under specific categories such as;

Challenges with the scale

What do I wear!?

How to cope with eating and confidence issues around social gatherings

and so much more



Our hope is for you to review a small sample (3) videos below ( approximately 3 minutes each) and then read the questions and type your answers in the box below. The answers will be anonymous.


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