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My Secret Life with an Eating Disorder


I’m Maureen Kritzer-Lange a Psychoanalyst specializing in Eating Disorders (The Queen of Self Esteem and creator of the “Don’t Trust the Mirror” Movement). This is my personal story of my struggles with an eating disorder. I thought it would take my life. I had nobody to talk to so I began journaling while in high school. In my podcast I share stories from this journal and then use my psychoanalyst perspective to reflect on my “younger” self. My life mission is to help women get their lives back. I lived it, I breathed it and now I have the courage to talk about it.

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Maureen’s life mission is to help women be all that they can be – by improving self esteem,help them find their voice and find freedom from shame, guilt and negativity.
“I change women’s lives by empowering them to trust THEMSELVES not the mirror.”
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