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Feedback Survey


Thank you for participating in the Don’t Trust The Mirror ON THE GO feedback survey. We REALLY appreciate your input and comments. 



Don’t Trust The Mirror ON THE GO is designed to offer 24 / 7 access to therapeutic tools and imput to serve as a resource for anyone with the challenge in the eating disorder umbrella, self-esteem and confidence. We are hoping that this product will be a GO TO support system on a daily basis to better support, create community and serve users for a better daily life. There will be 3 – 4 minute videos under specific categories such as;

Challenges with the scale

How to choose what to wear

How to cope with Confidence issues around social gatherings

and so much more



Our hope is for you to review a small sample of videos below ( approximately 3 minutes each) and then read through the questions below and place your thoughts and answers.  The submit will be anonymous.


We thank you for your participation with a free DontTrustTheMirror T-shirt to wear with pride.



1. How do you feel you would best understand the function of this product? Should it be a video explanation or written description or both?

2. Audio vs Video:
Which format do you like better? To watch the video clip or just listen to the audio?


3. Video: Resonate / messages / look and setting

What do you like about the videos? What “don’t” you like about the videos?

Please comment on the look, feel, Maureen’s appearance and setting of the video(s) 

How would you prefer to visualize her as she speaks?


4. What categories are important to you?

What are specific issues , topics you want help with?

i.e. Disordered Eating: Binging, Scale, Social anxiety ( holidays , eating out with friends etc.) about eating, body image, Intuitive eating. eating disorders, calorie counting, over exercising, clean eating, poor self esteem, depression, wardrobe and appearance issues.


5. Intro / ending of each. – breathe exercise. 

How do you like the intro and ending of each video. Do you find it helpful? Does the breath exercise add or take away from the video? How would you like the video to begin? What would capture your attention?


6. Cost / value

Would you pay a fee for this service? If so how much? One-time or monthly? Yearly? what If you got a physical gift with a subscription? ( Global Community )


7. App vs online / youtube 

What social media platform would you prefer to use to have access? YouTube, Tik Tok, Phone App, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, twitter.


8. Key words (google search) 

What keywords would you use. i.e ( anxiety, what do i wear, i feel fat, scale, social interactions, hating myself, 

Stressed, bloated, hungry, binge, restrict, calories, feel gross, deal with comments, negative thinking, eating in public, ordering in restaurants, eating in, holidays, over eating, stress eating.


9. What is the quickest and easiest way you would want to search to find your “specific” category.  

Bookmarked, keywords ( search bar ), Pinned, Favorited. ( tagged words )


10. What is the easiest or fastest way for you to pinpoint what is the particular issue you are wanting help with.   


11. Would you perceive this as support and resource to get you through a tough moment?


12. What would make it easy and quick to use? 


13. What would you most resonate, relate to or be comfortable with; 

The term; Eating Disorder, or Disordered Eating. 

How many videos would you have the attention span to use? Is it based on time spent? Is it based on quality? 


14. What would be the best way for you to identify your favorite videos for future easy



15. Intake (do you want notifications )